Kodama Koi Show - Virtual Young Koi Show 2023

3rd Kodama Virtual Young Koi Show Registration Now Open!

The goal of this koi show was to educate & promote the joys of koi keeping as a hobby. We hope we encouraged your interest in learning great husbandry for keeping Japanese koi and hope we helped support your efforts to become koi masters.

Entry Details: $5 entry fee per koi that you enter. Must register and login to add koi entries to competition.

What are the Awards?: Grand Champion, Adult Champion, Young Champion, Baby Champion, Best In Size, Best Variety, and Special Awards

What are the Prizes?: Akita Cedar Table Lamp, Mr. Kodama Koi Food All Season and Color Up, Hi Silk Koi Food, and Rinko Magazine Subscription

Official Judges: Mr. Shinoda from Shinoda Koi Farm, and Mr. Mr. Kazuhiro Hirasawa from Kanno Koi Farm

Koi Show Sponsors:

Rinko Magazine, Hi Silk, Kodama Koi Farm

2023 Young Koi Schedule:
8/1 - Registration closes
8/12 Saturday (tentative date) - Award ceremony & Judges seminar. 
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Official Koi Show Rules

Rules & Regulations:

  • Entry fee is $5/Koi. We welcome donations.
  • Young koi are considered 55 cm and under.
  • This Koi show is open to all Koi lovers including hobbyists and dealers.
  • The entrants must be from America (North, Central and South America) to win awards.
  • All the Koi must be entered by a personal name, not a business name.
  • All the entered Koi must be owned by the entrant at the time of registration and award ceremony.
  • All the submitted image and information must be owned by the entrant.
  • The images and videos should not show anything but Koi.
  • Every entry must be pre approved by the organizer for the acceptance of registration.
  • The organizer has a right to reconfirm the entry information with entrants and/or correct the entry information without contacting entrants.
  • Once published, replacements of images and videos are not allowed.
  • By participating, entrants agree that the organizer will own rights to use all images or information collected from entries, comments or ratings for marketing purposes.

Entering Koi In Show

Please review and submit the necessary information with the form online:

  • Koi Name - Does your koi have a name? Put a title for what we should refer to your koi as.
  • Koi Description - Write a description about this koi. Tell a story, talk about history, how its pattern changed. It's your canvas!
  • Approximate Size and Size category - It is an honor system. Please provide as accurate or best estimate information as possible.
  • Variety & Category - The information will be double checked by the organizer.
  • Koi Picture(s) - Vertical photo preferred and larger photos are recommended. Jpg or Png files accepted. Minimum size: width 320px x height 500px. Up to 3 images allowed.
  • Koi Video - (up to 60 seconds) add link to youtube/vimeo (Horizontal video is recommended.)
  • Koi picture and video must be taken on 1/1/2022 or after
  • Name, Email, Phone Number - Enter the information to contact you about where to send your award if you win.

Koi Show Categories:

Variety Categories:
  • Kohaku
  • Taisho Sanke
  • Showa
  • Utsurimono
  • Asagi & Shusui
  • Koromo & Goshiki
  • Kawarimono (including Bekko, Muji)
  • Hikarimono (Hikarimoyo / HikariUtsuri / Hikari Muji)
  • Tancho
  • KinGinrin
  • *No Doitsu Hirenaga butterfly category. They will go under each variety category.
Size Categories:
  • 15 Bu: Under 15cm or 6”
  • 25 Bu: 15 - 25cm or 6 - 10”
  • 35 Bu: 25 - 35cm or 10 - 12”
  • 45 Bu: 35 - 45cm or 12 - 18”
  • 55 Bu: 45 - 55cm or 18 - 22”


Awards will be announced during virtual award ceremony on 8/12/2023!

No Koi can win more than one award, except for special awards.

* Delivery of the prizes - FREE delivery to a winner in the U.S.A. Winners from outside US must pay the shipping. Please note some countries may not allow import of prize items such as koi food. In such cases, no compensation will be provided.

Major Trophies

  • Grand Champion
  • Grand Champion B
  • Adult Champion from Best in Size 55
  • Young champion from Best in Size 35 and 45
  • Baby champion from Size 15 and 25

Best in Sizes

  • 15 Bu: Under 15cm or 6”
  • 25 Bu: 15 - 25cm or 6 - 10”
  • 35 Bu: 25 - 35cm or 10 - 12”
  • 45 Bu: 35 - 45cm or 12 - 18”
  • 55 Bu: 45 - 55cm or 18 - 22”

Best in Varieties


Prize NameQuantityPrizes
Grand Champion1Akita Cedar Table Lamp
Grand Champion B1Akita Cedar Table Lamp
Adult champion or Best in Size 51Mr. Kodama Koi Food CU 11lb
Young champion or Best in Size 3 - 41Mr. Kodama Koi Food AS 11lb
Baby champion or Best in Size 1 - 21Mr. Kodama Koi Food AS 11lb
Best in Sizes5Hi Silk 11lb
Best in Varieties10Rinko Free Subscription2 Months
Mamoru Kodama Prize1"Koishi" by Mamoru Kodama
Hi Silk 21 Koi food Prize1Hi Silk21 22lb
Rinko magazine Prize1Rinko Free subscription6 Months

How To Enter Koi Show:

  • Start by adding a koi entry or signing up for an account.
  • Use your dashboard to manage koi entries, view payments, orders, and change password.
  • Checkout to pay for and list your koi on the website that have been submitted.
  • Koi Registration closes on 8/15
  • Award Ceremony with Judges Seminar will be on Zoom date still to be determined

What Should I Say About My Koi? - Koi Videos, Koi Photos, Variety, and Size details will be the only content judged for the koi show. Name and Description are a unique opportunity for you to share your koi details. Avoid use of any breeders information, we will remove from description. 

How Do I Take High Quality Koi Photos? - We recommend you read our new blog post about taking pictures of koi. It features our best tips for taking a clear photo or video of your koi fish.

Watch a video walk-through of the original koi show platform. FYI there will not be a people's choice award this koi show. 

Major winners of this koi show will be published in Rinko magazine, the Japanese Koi magazine!

Grand Champion Prize

The Grand Champion and Grand Champion B will win this Akita Cedar Table Lamp valued at $790 on Kodama Koi Supply! 

Made by a Japanese craftsman from aromatic Akita cedar, this table lamp has delicate openwork design that follows the wood's natural grain to show intricate koi designs; and the acrylic panels softens the light with Japanese kanji saying, "Swimming jewel koi".

Read more about the lamp here

Virtual Kodama Young Koi Show 2023 Entries

Koi Sizes
Koi Size
45 Bu - 35cm-45cm or 12-18”
Kawarimono (including Bekko
5 Step Kohaku
Koi Size
25 Bu - 15cm-25cm or 6-10”
Showa with Potential
Koi Size
25 Bu - 15cm-25cm or 6-10”
4 Step Kohaku
Koi Size
15 Bu - Under 15cm or 6”
Koi Size
55 Bu - 45cm-55cm or 18-22”
Kawarimono (including Bekko
Koi Size
25 Bu - 15cm-25cm or 6-10”
Taisho Sanke
Koi Size
25 Bu - 15cm-25cm or 6-10”
Taisho Sanke
Kohaku - A growing gem
Koi Size
15 Bu - Under 15cm or 6”
Showa - Seeping Sumi
Koi Size
15 Bu - Under 15cm or 6”

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